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Facing issues such as divorce, child custody, and child support is traumatic enough. Working with a lawyer shouldn’t add to that stress. First and foremost Mark Jeffers’ goal is to get results. Mark knows that to achieve this, all dimensions of the family dynamic come into play.

Choices and Smart Approaches to Divorce

Even when it seems like you are up against the wall in life, you always have choices. If you are facing divorce ask yourself, “How do I want to have my divorce experience play out?”

You can spend your time, energy, and money working toward a settlement OR fighting with your spouse. Practicing family law since, 1979, Mark Jeffers knows that ongoing legal brawling only  costs you more money and leads to nothing productive. His skill as a mediator and negotiator can get you to a reasonable settlement that is good for everyone. Mark believes it is best to manage conflict, not fuel it.

Reasonable Solutions

Mark Jeffers works toward amicable settlements between parents.Mark negotiates agreements that lead to durable results and children’s needs are better met.


Mark Jeffers is strategic when evaluating your case.Mark analyzes your unique situation to develop the right approach to meet your goals.



Since 1979, Mark has been getting results for clients throughout the Greater Kansas City, Kansas area.


Mark’s law firm is based in Overland Park, Kansas, but he serves clients throughout Johnson County, Wyandotte County, Leavenworth Count and Miami County.

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Mark will discuss your case with you and let you know how best to protect your legal rights.