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Can a Man Be Awarded Spousal Support?

Jeffers Law Office Aug. 25, 2023

If you are a man contemplating or going through a divorce in Kansas, you may be wondering if you are eligible to receive spousal support, also called maintenance, formerly referred to as alimony. The short answer is yes. In Kansas, any person may petition the court for spousal support, regardless of gender identity. However, it is important to work with a skilled family law attorney in order to receive the support you deserve. For help with your Kansas divorce case, including assistance with making your case for spousal support, call family law attorney Mark Jeffers at Jeffers Law Office, serving Overland Park as well as other areas of Johnson County including Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee, Leawood, and Prairie Village.  

Understanding Spousal Support in Kansas 

Kansas spousal support laws are gender-neutral. While, in the past, alimony was mostly awarded to women from men, men or people of any gender identity can receive alimony as well.  

Kansas courts can award three types of alimony: 

  1. Temporary alimony is awarded for the duration of the divorce to help the receiving spouse meet expenses during the proceedings.  

  1. Longer-term alimony is limited by statute to a period of no more than 121 months, but typically the duration is one-third of the length of the marriage. This type of alimony is usually given with the expectation that the receiving spouse will be attending training or schooling or finding employment that will help them become financially independent.  Alimony usually lasts until the recipient remarries or cohabitates in a marriage-like relationship or the paying spouse dies. 

For the court to consider awarding someone spousal support in a divorce case, any person, regardless of gender, simply must make the case to the court that they need spousal support and that their soon-to-be-ex spouse can afford to pay it. No matter what your needs may be, reach out to our family law attorney for professional support today. 

Factors Affecting Spousal Support  

In deciding whether to award spousal support and how much to award, the court will consider several things: 

  • your need  

  • your spouse’s ability to pay 

  • the length of the marriage 

  • each spouse’s age and health (both mental and physical) 

  • the length of time it would take the receiving spouse to find training or employment that would help them achieve financial independence 

Challenges Men May Face While Seeking Support 

Unfortunately, gender bias still exists and can create problems in court. Men may face stigma and societal pressure when seeking spousal support, and some judges may perpetuate these pressures, even if the law is gender-neutral. It is important to work with a skilled family law attorney who will be able to cogently present evidence and argue effectively in court, as well as support you during the process. 

It is essential that you do not decline to ask for the support you deserve because you feel that your gender identity would make your petition unsuccessful. With the help of a family law attorney, it is possible to be heard and achieve a good outcome.  

Put Your Best Foot Forward  

With over four decades of experience practicing family law, Mark Jeffers at Jeffers Law Office fights effectively for his clients’ rights. Mark is not only a skilled attorney but a compassionate ally to his clients, and he constantly works towards the goal of ensuring that his clients receive the settlement that they deserve. Contact Jeffers Law Office in Overland Park, Kansas for a free initial telephone consultation.