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Child Visitation Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

When a couple with children splits up, deciding how to share time with the kids and effectively co-parent can be one of the most taxing parts of the process. While many separated parents may be able to easily agree to a shared custody and visitation schedule, others may need the assistance and guidance of a legal professional to ensure that their parental rights are protected.

If you are in such a situation — or if you’re simply unsure how to handle the legal aspects of your divorce — Jeffers Law Office is an ideal choice. Not only does attorney Mark Jeffers have over four decades of experience, but he’s also genuinely invested in helping parents come to a favorable resolution that works for both parties and protects the children.


Whenever one parent has primary physical custody of the kids, the other parent may be said to have “visitation.” In other words, the non-residential parent has every right to spend time with their children. There are, of course, exceptions if abusive or otherwise harmful habits are involved.

Barring any unfit parenting behavior, establishing a shared parenting schedule is critically important for both the parents and children. After all, ongoing disputes between the parents can lead to stress and anxiety for the children. The important thing to remember is that — regardless of whether or not parents live together — they each still have the responsibility to care for their children.


A child visitation schedule can help both parents set boundaries and know exactly what their obligations and rights are at any given time. When drawing up your visitation schedule, you’ll want to consider factors such as:

  • School pick-ups and drop-offs

  • Overnight stays

  • Holiday time

  • Extended vacations

  • Extra time for special events at church, school or the community

If you and your ex can agree on these and related visitation duties, attorney Mark Jeffers would be happy to act as your mediator — that is, the legal professional who helps you get all your paperwork in order while guiding you through the negotiation process in a productive, cost-efficient manner.

If, conversely, the two of you can’t see eye to eye on your visitation schedule, Mark can represent you through the process of litigation and trial, if necessary. He knows that sometimes that’s what it takes to protect your rights as a parent and your child’s well-being overall.




As a general matter, parents should be able to see their children at reasonable times under reasonable conditions, with adequate notice first. While “reasonableness” may be subject to interpretation, there are times when it simply may not be reasonable for a parent to have visitation. For example, this could include times when a parent is intoxicated, or when the child is already at a planned activity or event.

If parents live in different parts of the country, or even on opposite sides of Kansas, parenting time will have to be scheduled to accommodate the distance. This often means that the parent without primary physical custody will have visitation on school holidays and in the summer so as not to disrupt the child’s school schedule.


Unfortunately, there are situations in which visitation may be limited or supervised to protect the child in question. Limited visitation and prohibited visitation are common occurrences when one parent has a history of violence or substance abuse.

While the legal team here at Jeffers Law Office sincerely hopes that domestic violence has nothing to do with your family law case, please know that the doors here are always open to you either way. If you or your child is a victim of domestic abuse, turn to Mark and his team for the emotional support and legal muscle you need to protect yourself and your kids.


Ultimately, for children to grow up in a stable, emotionally healthy environment, they need love, support, understanding and guidance — ideally from two fit, loving parents. In families where the parents are no longer together, this may require additional effort on the part of the parents to come to an amicable agreement on visitation and a parenting schedule. If you need assistance with a parenting schedule in Overland Park or a neighboring area, contact Mark Jeffers today. Jeffers Law Firm offers free initial consultations and personalized service to help you achieve your visitation and parenting schedule goals.